Welcome to Learning to Use Blogs

When you are ready, go grab a blog from FA Blogs (http://fablogs.org)

Directions for getting an FA Blog
FA Blogs will allow all FA students and teachers to have one space from which to reflect and write. We will show you how to categorize your posts so they can flow into teachers’ blogs at a later date. For students, this blog becomes an academic portfolio to show to college admissions officers or others. For teachers, it's a way to collaborate, share work, and reflect.

Go to http://fablogs.org

1.Find the box that says Get a Blog
2. Write user name (first part of email? tdurso for example, but use yours!)
3. Use FA email
4. Click gimme blog

5. Decide on a blog address/name (cannot be changed so consider carefully) You can use the same name you did in #2 if you want and it will appear in the url like this: http://fablog.org/tdurso
6. Blog Title (may use something related to senior exhibit, but you will probably use this blog for other things next year in other classes. Perhaps something generic? “My Stuff” ?? Thinking About?? Random Ideas?? Abstractions??)

7. Decide whether to make it searchable; it’s up to you.
8. Once you have your blog, you may login and change the theme and add widgets. See Susan Carter Morgan if you need help!