Laptop Guidelines

Laptops are leased to the students, who follow the school's guidelines and procedures.

I. Students may install and use any legal application as long as it does not interfere with classwork. If the student has installed an application that causes the machine to malfunction, he/she must have the machine reformatted as soon as possible. Students must keep the machine in working order with files backed up and accessible.

II. Students not play peer to peer network games or online games that involve any video streaming or other application that uses the school's bandwidth. Game-playing is not allowed at any time during class, unless directed by the teacher.

III. Instant Messaging of any kind is not allowed during the school day unless directed by the teacher.

Teacher Guidelines

I. The teacher will determine the class policies and procedures and make these clear on the first day of class.

II. If the teacher allows note-taking, notes will be checked periodically via email or posting to a blog to ensure students are engaged in class activities.

III. The teacher will handle technology infractions as part of classroom management.

IV. The teacher will attempt to arrange the room in a way to complement small and large group activities, as well as to give the teacher a chance to view laptops while students work.

Remember, the program will succeed if teachers involve the students in the class rather than try to manage/control with these rules. If students are engaged and in the flow, there will be fewer class management issues.